Life Is In The Vision

Show me a church with no vision, and I will show you a church that is dying; show me a family with no vision, and I will show you a house that is not a home. Show me a husband with no vision, and I will show you a wife and kids that are walking in the blind. (Prov. 28:18), says “where there is no vision, the people perish.” It’s the vision God gives a pastor that keeps the church moving toward Him; it’s the vision God gives a man that leads his family that gives the family purpose and causes them to keep pressing toward the mark. In fact, even a single person/parent should have a vision from God for his/her household, because without the vision the people perish. The vision is important to those who lead because there is life in the vision, your passion, and your destiny is often tied up in your vision; your vision gives you purpose a determined path and often excitement about life.

When God gives you a vision, you don’t allow anyone to deter you or pull you away from that vision. The majority of men/women that have experienced greatness in this life started with only a vision. What’s your vision for your home-life or family? Write it down–read it out–pray it in and work it out, don’t just live life from one day to the next, know your purpose, because it starts with your vision. Without the vision that God gives, you will become that person who is constantly saying to himself “Oh it’s just another day” when the fact is that when God gives us a vision for our lives it’s never just another day, it’s a new day toward fulfilling the purpose and vision in our lives. Thus, it’s of challenge, purpose and excitement.

God Bless You

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