Praise Is What I Do

As Christians, praise is one of our instruments of war. It is our life line to the Kingdom of God, and for many of us it is how we make it from one day to the next. As one song writer said “praise is what I do when I want to be close to you”, thus as Christians we can’t make it without deliberate and consistent praise unto God. King David made a decision to give God the praise due to Him no matter what happened in his life because in (Psalm 34:1) he said “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth”. Therefore, I have to ask you, have you made that decision? Have you made the decision to give God the praise no matter what you face? If you are sick will you praise Him? If you are lied on, talked about or persecuted will you praise Him? If you are homeless will you praise Him? Because bad things do still happen to good people, and in fact, bad things still happen to God’s people. When the bills are not only due, but past due is there praise in your heart?

Often-times, child of God the only thing between your sanity and insanity is a hallelujah praise that needs to be released from your belly. The right praise song, the right hymnal, even the right psalm unto to God will change your life, your attitude, even your whole perspective. Yes there are still rainy and cloudy days that show up even in the life of a Christian, but even on those days we can still praise God because we know that on the other side of those dark clouds the SON (Jesus Christ) still shines with brilliance. Therefore, make up in your mind that praise is what you do, and go ahead and release a thank you Jesus to God right now, I guarantee you that you will feel differently shortly thereafter.

God Bless You!

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