What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do? Part -6

The Final things Jehoshaphat did after proclaiming that He didn’t know what to do was he told the people: To believe in the prophets. In fact, he said believe in the prophets and so shall ye prosper. Thus, point eight (believe in God) and believe in his prophets work perfectly together to bring about prosperity in the life of the believer. To believe in God’s prophets is to believe in the leadership that God has set over us. It is to trust that God is dealing with the leadership of the ministry in the way He has designed, thus it’s up to us as members to trust and obey the leadership as long as we can see God working through him/her. When we believe in the set man/woman of God in our ministries we put ourselves in a position to prosper; and don’t only think of prosperity as money because prosperity can also be wealth in my health, peace of mind, or the ability to love or receive love.

Finally according to (2nd Chr. 20:22) we must learn to: Praise God in advance for the victory. We need to praise him in the midst of the storm as if the victory has already been won. We need to praise him as if the victory has already physically manifested itself in our lives. We need to praise God as if we have already peeked into our future and has seen God delivering the victory to us, because the fact is that in the heavenlies the victory is already won it’s through our stand and faith in God which causes the victory to be manifested in the earth. Jehoshaphat knew that true praise would cause God to show up and show out; he knew that God inhabits the very praises of his people. He knew when the people of God would get in one place, with one accord all crying out to him that a sound from heaven would come as a rushing mighty wind. Thus, praising him before the victory is given to us physically is what we must do.

God Bless You

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