The Holy Spirit-Part 2

It seems as if it is easy to identify with the Father, and the Son, but identifying with the Spirit seems as if it’s difficult. For some would think that the Holy Spirit is a “thing” or something that’s not very tangible at all, but the bible identifies the Holy Spirit as a person: For the personal pronoun “He” is spoken in (St. John 14:16), (St. John 14:26), (St. John 15:26) when addressing the Holy Spirit. Thus, He is the third person of the Godhead; He is as much God as the Father. And He desires to live fully in the believer.
However, many believers don’t yield to him fully. For many of us we have found ourselves committing one of four if not all four sins against the Holy Spirit at some point in time in our spiritual walk, but the goal is to not continue down that path.

Some of us have (grieved) him, thus we have brought him pain through disobedience (Eph 4:30). Some of us have (lied) to him; made a promise that we were going to do something on behalf of the Lord only to see that promise unfulfilled (Acts 5:3). Some of us have found ourselves (quenching) him; meaning to extinguish or to put the fire out. Thus, God desires to change your life but He can’t get you to pray or praise him because you are too worried about how it might look to others (1 Thess 5:19). And some of us have (resisted) him; to resist is to oppose. Thus, God has clearly told us to do something and we decided to do something totally opposite. This is not only disobedience it’s also resistance (Act 7:51). And any one of those acts, including a lack of belief can hinder us from being full of the Spirit of God.

God Bless You

Pastor Mason

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