Strong Confidence

(Prov 14:26) says “In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge”

Christians who fear the Lord (those who have a healthy respect for the Lord, those who love the Lord, those who obey His commandments) are those who have confidence in the Lord. In fact, they not only have confidence, but they have strong confidence. You see there is a difference between the two. To be confident as a Christian I may believe that God is able to take me through another day. However, strong confidence in the Lord says, no matter what happens today I will start my day in the Lord and I will finish my day in the lord; strong confidence in the Lord causes you not to break or splinter under the pressures of the world or the devil; strong confidence causes you not to give up when everyone else is telling you to quit because there must be an easier way; strong confidence in the Lord says there is hope when it looks like hope is gone.

Thus, strong confidence in Jesus encourages you not to run from the storm, but to understand that in the midst of the storm you have a place of refuge. A place of refuge would be a shelter, a covering, a place of safety right in the middle of the storm you’re facing in your life. Thus, the hurricane can be wreaking havoc all around you, however, Jesus has you standing right in the eye of the storm, and in the eye of the storm is peace. Finally, your peace in the midst of the storm is dependent upon how confident you are that the Lord can take you through the storm, because the storms will come, otherwise, why would you need a place of refuge.

God Bless You.

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