Seven Conditions Of Blessing By God -Part 3

Continuing with the theme of the third message to Judah in (Jer. 7:1-7) the third condition of blessing for Judah was they were commanded to (thoroughly amend their ways and their doings). Saints of God we have already heard Jeremiah tell them to amend their ways, but now he comes back to them and essentially tells them the same thing again; and anytime God tells you something twice pay very close attention to it because it is important to God, thus it should be important to us. Saints of God if Judah was going to get to heaven they had to change and we have the same mandate upon our own lives. If we are going to get to heaven we have to change, and the change must be thorough.

Thus, we must ask the Spirit of God to search the deep dark crevices of our heart and expose any hidden sin that we have missed. We must go in and do a deep cleaning of our heart. I liken it to doing a thorough cleaning in your home where you go in and wash the dishes’, take out the trash, make up the beds, mop, sweep and vacuum the floors and while you at it get the furniture polish out and dust also. You see many of us don’t clean our homes like that on a regular basis, especially when it comes to dusting. However, that’s what God expects when it comes to thoroughly amending our ways He desires a thorough cleaning. He desires a thorough change in our lives. The Lord desires for our change to be so evident that heaven has to stand up and testify that we have changed, somebody on the earth has to testify of our change and even Satan himself will have to take notice and testify of our change, because if we have thoroughly amended our ways somebody will definitely say so.

God Bless You

Pastor Mason

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