Seven Conditions Of Blessing By God-Part 4

The Fourth thing the prophet Jeremiah spoke unto the people of Judah if they desired to be blessed by God was: to thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbor. In other words, Judah was expected to treat their fellow man with love and respect. They were to do what was right, do it because it’s right, and do it the righteous way every time. Or do it the way God would have them to do it. And the same would apply to us today, we are to treat a man or his neighbor with love and respect. We should never prefer one above another or have respect of persons as it pertains to how we see one another because we should be looking at one another through the eyes of the Holy Ghost if we are true believers. To thoroughly execute judgment is to be willing to call sin just as it is in the life of man and be willing to help them make the changes necessary to place them in a right relationship with God; and essentially that’s what we all need is someone in our lives that can speak the truth to us and we receive it and be willing to make the changes that are necessary to be victorious in Christ.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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