Seven Conditions of Blessing by God-Part 5

According to the prophecy of Jeremiah in the seventh Chapter of the same book he reminds Judah of the fifth thing God desires if they are to be blessed and that is: Don’t oppress the strangers, the fatherless and the widows. God was very concerned about the downtrodden in Judah’s day and it is still a major concern today in the body of Christ. The Lord expects those who know, believe and have received him to be a real saving station for the downtrodden. We are the ones who are supposed to help those who have fallen on hard times in the body. However, often times when a believer has fallen on hard times they find themselves going outside of the body of Christ for help because the body of Christ is so bound with their own debt, that after they pay their bills and give God a tenth there is barely anything left to be a blessing to those who have fallen on hard times. God never meant for it to be that way.

The truth is that it’s hard to minister to a man when he is hungry; it’s hard to minister to someone about how good God is when they are sitting in the dark with no lights and no chance of help at the church because we are bound in financial debt. Sometimes we have to meet a real need before we can minister to the heart of a man and God expects it to be His church. If we are going to be the head and not the tail; if we are going to be above and not beneath; if we are going to be the borrower and not the lender we are going to have to get our financial house in order as we get the rest of our lives in order. The downtrodden are depending on us. Those that are fallen on hard times are depending on us because the U.S. government can’t keep shelling out dollars the way they have been to keep people afloat. The body of Christ must do more than just pray; we must pay when God speaks to us to do so.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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