Seven Conditions Of Blessing –Part 7

The final thing Jeremiah tells the people of Judah is: Neither walk ye after other gods to your hurt. If there were degrees of sin, idolatry would be at the top of the list. All sin will send you to hell but God was so adamant about idolatry that the first commandment He gives to Israel is: “Thou shalt have no others gods before me (Ex. 20:3).” However, he took it a step further in the New Testament when he said “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment (Matt. 22:37-38 KJV)”. In other words, if God is not first in our lives he won’t be second. He won’t be our sugar daddy, he won’t be our jack in the box, and he won’t be our mistress, the one we sneak around to see because we don’t want anybody to know about her. The Lord desires to be number one in our lives. He desires commitment and if we commit all to him, in return we will receive commitment like we have never seen before.

Too many believers are confessing Jesus to be number one in their lives but if you examine their lives it just doesn’t add up. They say he is number one but then come to church when they feel like it. When it comes to making sacrifices for the Kingdom of God they are always the first to complain about it. When it comes to their money it’s all about giving God what they want him to have instead of what He requires. It seems as if every possession they have is placed upon a pedestal (Idol) above God. In other words, if you have to wash your car or clean your house on Sunday morning (because you were just too busy all week) when you know that’s the time you should be in God’s house then you know what’s number one. If you always have something else to do on prayer nights or bible study nights then you have already defined what’s number one. The fact is if we really believe that all our idols are behind us and God is at the forefront of our lives take a real hard look at your life through the eyes of the Holy Ghost and He will share with you where you really are in your relationship to Him.

God Bless You

Pastor Mason

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