Four Callings Of A Husband-Part 3

Called to Lead—and Love—Sacrificially

A husband is to lead in his marriage by example and sacrificially, not by ordering or constantly instructing his wife. He is never, and I mean never, to tell his wife what the Scriptures say she is to do when he is trying to get his way. Rather, his only focus is to be on loving his wife as Christ love the church—that is, sacrificially.

In practical terms, this could mean, among other things, volunteering to bathe the children or massaging the wife’s feet, turning off the football game and talking with her, or going shopping with her—even after you have put in a twelve-hour day at work.

Sacrificial love involves participating in something that is important or a favorite of hers, even if it’s relatively unimportant to you or definitely not one of your favorites. It may mean doing any of the following (although it’s not limited to any or all of them):
• Initiating prayer with her without concern that your prayers may be briefer and more bottom-line than hers.
• Learning to say these five phrases: “You were right, I was wrong, I am sorry,” “forgive me, and “what can I do to help.”
• Calling her with any delay of plans.
• Practicing Proverbs 31:28-29 (praising her) consistently.
• Accepting her communication style and opinions as different from yours, and not necessarily wrong.
• Accepting her femaleness and celebrating the differences that comes from it.
• Asking for her opinion.
• Discovering the uniqueness of her personality in order to understand her and communicate better.
• Being prepared to receive the God that’s in her.

Before we move on, ask yourself which of these you did this past month. Then ask yourself which of these you will do during the coming month. Or if you haven’t done any of them, are you willing to step up and meet the challenge.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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