The Cheerful Giver- Part 4

In the Gospel of (St.Mark 12:41-44) we see the tale of two types of givers. The first type of giver we see are those who have to give. The scripture even tells us that they were rich men, thus they were able to give out of their abundance; they wouldn’t miss the money at all. The second type of giver we see (and we want to pay attention too) is a poor widow who gave all she had. In other words, she gave even though she really didn’t have it to give. Thus, she gave out of lack, poverty and need by faith; and saints there will be times, when you will have to give your way out of a situation if you want God to move on your behalf. You see this woman gave all she had, even though it wasn’t much, believing what she did give, God would honor it, bless it, and sow abundantly into her life. Now the scripture doesn’t say that God actually sowed into her life right away, but Jesus did take time out to share her life and giving with the disciples. Therefore, I have to believe that all her needs were met by God, because of her living and her giving. You see you can’t separate the two, not only must you give faithfully, but you must live faithfully as well if you want the full blessings of God. Thus, if you are in a financial mess talk to your bill collectors, make sure you are in a right standing with God through your living and your giving. In other words, find a way to tithe and give and watch God bring you out. It may not happen over night, but if you remain faithful it will come.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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