Is Jesus In Your House-Part 3

(St. Mark 2:1) says “And again he (Jesus) entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised that he was in the house.”

Thus, is Jesus in the house? In fact, could it be said by someone other than you that Jesus lives in your house? We have Christian husbands and wives that haven’t touched each other intimately in their homes in months; we have parents who won’t sit down and talk to their kids about anything, especially if they are teens because we don’t want to invade their privacy, is Jesus in your house? We have homes that haven’t heard or even seen a vacuum cleaner in weeks but we want to believe that I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

Really, is Jesus in your house? Many come to church Sunday after Sunday and they make these bodacious declarations about how good God is; they come to Church and are the first ones to jump when it’s time to give God praise, they have that “O how I love Jesus mentality” but as soon as they get home the devil begins to remind them of who is really in charge. It is time out for that! We need to be the same person on the other days of the week that we say we are on Sunday.

Jesus being in our house is major because it set’s the destiny for your whole household. Many in the scriptures can identify with that. Adam and Eve’s problems was at home (pointing fingers at one another for the sin they find themselves in instead of them both taking some responsibility for the mess); Cain and Able’s issues with one another was at home, more so Cain’s issues, but nevertheless a home issue. And we will discuss others in the bible as we go through this series. Thus, God always challenges us to put things in order in our homes if we plan to serve him effectively.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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