A Real Friend

March 1, 2011

(Pro 18:24KJV) says “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

If we expect to have a real friend we must become a real friend. There are not too many people who can say they have a real friend. A real friend will be closer to you than a brother; however, that’s not saying much because often siblings are not very close. With that said, if we have a real friend we are often closer to them than anyone else. Thus, a real friend will be with you doing the good and bad times of life; a real friend will tell you the truth whether you can receive it or not. In fact, if we have a real friend we ought to be able to receive from them in love, understanding that they only want what’s best for us.

A friend as (Pro 17:17 KJV) says “loveth at all times.” Saints of God we can’t take friendship for granted because it’s an honor to be a real friend to someone. One of the highest honors that a believer can be called by Jesus is “A Friend”; (St. John 15:14) says “Ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you.” Thus, the lord recognizes his friends through obedience. Saints of God, do you have a real friend? If so, tell them thank you today for being a friend. A real friend can be a brother-sister-husband-wife or even someone you grew up with. Friends, how many of us have them! However, at the end of the day, thank God that we have a friend in Jesus when there is no one else.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason