Salvation Is a Work In Progress

Those of us that are saved are people who are under constant construction or renovation by the hand of God. Just because we are saved, it doesn’t mean that we have arrived; just because we are saved, it doesn’t mean that we are already perfected. God is yet working in us that which we need to be perfected and that which we need to do His will and His good pleasure. However He needs our help in order to do his will and work His good pleasure. Thus, if we are going to get to heaven it’s going to take both of us (God and myself) in order to make this happen.

Too often we try to put all the pressure on God to grow us up and bring us into His perfect heaven when the fact is that we have a part to play in our Salvation process. We know this is true because the Apostle Paul says in (Phil 2:12) “Wherefore my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, workout your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Hence, anytime we hear the word workout, we must think of some effort on our part. We must think of some spiritual, mental, emotional and maybe even some physical exercise, but the fact remains God expects us to play an active role in the process and progress of our salvation.

God is not going to make us pray, fast, or read our word, the expectation is that if you are a Christian and you desire to grow in your Christian walk that you would be motivated to do it. It’s the same way in our physical bodies, God is not going to make us stop overeating and get on a exercise and diet plan, we would have to be motivated to do it ourselves; thus, it’s a workout and a workout is not always easy. Therefore, we must show God that we have as much invested in our Christian walk as He has in helping us become who He said we could be. Therefore, workout man/woman of God because there is an expectation that you will.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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