Who Are You Looking For?

(St. Matt 11:3) says “And said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?”

This is the question John the Baptist had two of his disciples ask of Jesus after he was imprisoned. After hearing of all the miracles and hearing of all the great things Christ had done, John wanted to know was he the one…was he the messiah? Of course he was the one and today we who have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord also know he is the one and only savior. However, there are those who are still asking that question today…Has the Holy Spirit come or shall we look for another? The fact is that the Holy Spirit is actively in the earth teaching, preaching, healing and delivering through the hand of man. When you see supernatural works are being done in the earth all the glory belongs to God, even though it’s done through the hands man.

Thus, God is to be glorified. Therefore, because the Spirit of God is doing great and mighty things in the earth; because we see Him doing great mighty things in our own lives, as well as others we don’t need to look for another because the Holy Spirit of God is here; and He will be here working on behalf of the saints under the ministry of Christ Jesus until the Church is caught up to meet Jesus in the air. Therefore, if you looking for healing it’s already here; if you looking for deliverance it’s already here; if you looking for the solution to life’s problems it’s already here in the person of the Holy Ghost. There is no need to look for another because we who know Jesus recognize that the Spirit of God is already here. Hallelujah!!!

God Bless You

Pastor Mason

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