And He Marveled

In (Matt. 8:5-13) there is an encounter that a Roman Centurion (commander of 100 soldiers) has with Jesus. In essence, he is asking Jesus to heal his servant who has been deathly ill. Jesus responds by saying “I will come and heal him.” However, this centurion regarded Jesus so highly, and maybe looked at his own moral guilt in such a way that he said to Jesus “I am not worthy that thou should come to my house, but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” But when Jesus heard this, He marveled. This word (Marvelled KJV) means to become filled with wonder, surprise or amazed curiosity. Now for Jesus to be surprised by the faith of this centurion displays his true humanity because the God man is never surprised by anything we do or say because He knows our heart.

However, this really says more about the Roman soldier than it does Jesus because for a Roman NCO to have this type of faith in the power of a Jewish authority figure (who was not a part of the in crowd) was rare. Thus, it is a testimony of his faith in God. Which should cause all of us who are Christians to pause just for a moment, to ask the question: If Jesus looks at my life, will He find so great a faith that He is marveled by what He sees in me? For many of us that would probably not be the case right now; thus we have a lifetime of work to do if we are ever going to get even to the place of the centurion servant, because his faith was great enough to cause the God man, Jesus Christ to marvel.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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