The Blood Of Jesus-Part 2

June 16, 2011

The blood of Jesus was perfect; the blood of Jesus was and is a sweet-smelling savor unto God. The shedding of Jesus’ blood on the cross for our sins was so pleasing to the Father that even Jesus was able to proclaim “It is finished.”

Thus, no more animal sacrifices need to be made day-by-day and year-by-year. No more animal sacrifices would need to be made by the priest for himself or for the sins of his people once a year in the holy of holies. This blood of Jesus was so good to the Father that it satisfied the sin debt for all mankind. The blood of lambs, goats and rams was only good temporarily; those sacrifices were types and shadows of the one and only true sacrifice which was to come.

In fact, (Heb 10:4) says “For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.” However, the one who said “Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do thy will, O God” (Heb 10:7); this Jesus is the one who allowed all who would believe, the right to eternal life through the blood sacrifice. Child of God let’s take the time out of our daily schedules to say “Thank you Jesus for the blood” because it was the blood of Jesus that saved us.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

Real Strength Belongs To God

June 15, 2011

As a Christian we have no strength in and of ourselves because real strength comes from God. In fact, real strength comes by way of trusting in the Lord God. We know this because (Isaiah 26:4) says “Trust ye in the Lord forever: For in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.” Thus, if we need everlasting strength, and we most certainly do, then it’s found in the Lord.

We find that strength when we have come to the end of ourselves; we find that strength when we come to understand that our strength apart from God is insufficient; we find that strength when we come to understand that our Christian walk is not solely about us. Yes, there is some part that is about us, in that we have to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, because God is not a trespassing God: meaning that he won’t force us to serve him if we don’t want to. However, other than making the decision to serve and obey him, nothing else in our Christian walk is about us. God should receive all the glory.

Therefore, if we are to receive the strength of God in our lives it is incumbent upon us all to trust the Lord Jehovah forever. We must trust in Him during the good and the bad times. We must trust in Him on the days when it’s convenient, as well as when it’s not; and we must trust in Him even when we don’t understand everything that is going on in our lives or in our church or even in the world around us, because the fact is that there will be times that we don’t understand a lot of things, but the command has been released in the atmosphere for us to trust God if we desire the strength to stand in the midst of any situation. This trust in God may not always be easy, but when it’s all said and done it will be worth it.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

The Blood Of Jesus-Part 1

June 14, 2011

The body of Christ doesn’t talk much about the blood of Jesus in the church anymore. The church seems more interested in how to gain more revenue, or how to gain more church members and the name it claim it-blab it and grab it prosperity messages. However, we need to get back to where the real power in the church lies and that’s in the blood of Jesus. (Heb 9:22) says “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without the shedding of blood is no remission”.

Hence, if you want to be delivered from sin it resides in the blood of Jesus; there is power in the blood; there is forgiveness and peace in the blood, there is healing in the blood. There is healing for your sin sick souls; healing from bitterness, hatred, strife, fornication and all other sin sick diseases. When the blood of Jesus is applied a change is evident in your life.

However, you must be willing to apply it to your life if you expect to see the change. Even as the blood in your body is life giving and a carrier of nutrients throughout your body to give life; the blood of Jesus not only gives life but life more abundantly and eternally. The church must get back to the power source which will change our world and that’s the blood of Jesus.

God Bless You

Pastor Mason

Go Forward

June 10, 2011

(Ex. 14:15) “And the Lord said unto Moses, wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward.”

The children of Israel had come out of Egypt and were crossing the Red Sea when they noticed that Pharaohs army was on their trail. Therefore, they began to cry unto Moses that “they were better off in Egypt, and how could he bring them out here to in the wilderness.” Thus, when they saw the enemy at their backs they began to panic. This has probably happened to all of us at some point in time, where the enemy was at our back side in pursuit of us and we wondered if we were going to be able to make it; however, here we stand.

When the enemy is at our back or on our tracks we must heed the word which the Lord told Moses “Go Forward”! We must continue to press forward toward our destiny, because there is a promised land which the Lord has for all of those who would serve him in Spirit and in truth. In fact, Jesus showed us that having the enemy behind you is not a bad thing because He told him during the wilderness temptation “Get thee behind me Satan (Matt 4:10).”

What matters child of God is that we continue to press forward; what matters is what we see in front of us; what matters is that we see Jesus at the head of the line. We are followers of Jesus, not vice-versus. Therefore, if Satan is at your back continue to press forward toward your destiny in Christ Jesus, because it is at our backside where want him, not out in front leading us.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

A Pillar of Faith

June 8, 2011

If we are to be pillars of faith we must of necessity be people of great faith. For to be a pillar is to be someone whom others can lean on when they themselves don’t have the strength to stand. And the truth is that there are times when we may not have that strength, but a true pillar will be there to help, to encourage and to pray with you through the tough times regardless of what they may be going through themselves. The believer who is known to be a pillar of faith is one who doesn’t mind having their lives put under a microscope and examined by the world to see if they really are the genuine article; to see if they are as much of a Christian as they claim to be.

Apostle Paul was, at least in my mind, that guy. He didn’t mind having his life put under a microscope and examined for the entire world to see. He didn’t mind standing in the ring of adversity while all his enemies would jeer him hoping to see him fail. In fact, he was so sure that he was a pillar that he told the Church at Phillipi “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you (Phillipians 4:9)”.

What a bold statement to make. In other words, he was saying what you see me do, you do and God will be with you. He could make such a proclamation because he was a pillar in the community and he was pass falling into sin. Not that he was perfect, but he understood Satan in such a way that Satan had to bring his very best if this pillar was to crack. This pillar of faith didn’t happen overnight, it happened during a lifetime of Damascus road experiences. And this Damascus road experience knocks us to our knees and we see God in such a way that after such an experience we are never the same and all we desire to do is the work of the Lord and become a pillar of faith wherever we are.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

To Them Gave He Power

June 7, 2011

(St. John 1:11-12) says “He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.”

The fact is that many during the time Jesus walk the earth didn’t receive him as Lord and savior. Many, certainly those of his own culture and race, saw him as a great teacher, but not a savior. Thus, their loss was the gentiles gain because salvation has now come to all mankind. And so it is today, there will be many that won’t receive Jesus as Lord and savior but for those who do you will receive power; power to become someone you were not before; power to be different; power to be changed; power to be healed, delivered and set free; power to speak to some things into the atmosphere and watch the very atmosphere around you be changed; power to become a son of God.

With this power to become a son of God comes all types of benefits. Some of those benefits are the right to be called a son of God; the opportunity to go to heaven if you endure to the end and the opportunity to walk in the blessings and promises of God. However, he didn’t give us this power only for the blessings though. He gave it to us so that we would have power to cause men to be reconciled unto him. To see others lives changed by the power of God.

Finally, he also gave it to us to encourage and assist us in the midst of suffering, adversity and challenges because every Christian will go through some form of suffering, but with this power we can be like David when he said “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me.” Thus, more than anything the power that Christ has given us to become a son of God should cause us to be able to stand in the midst of adversity, and having done all, Stand.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal mason

How Close Are You?

June 3, 2011

Matt 26:56 … “Then all the disciples forsook him, and fled.” Jesus was having a conversation with the disciples about his eventual suffering and death, and in the midst of that conversation, Jesus, said “all of you shall be offended of me this night, for I will be smited and the sheep will scatter.” However during that conversation, Peter, said “he would never deny Jesus, likewise said all of his disciples.” The disciples obviously believed they had a relationship with Jesus that they really didn’t have; and it was trouble that caused them to see that they were not as close to Jesus as they thought.

My question for you today is “how close are you”? In asking myself this question, I have come to the conclusion that I should really examine my relationship with Christ while it is day, (good times), for the night, (bad times) will come when my relationship with Christ will be challenged. I challenge you not to wait until things get bad to find out where you stand with your savior, make up your mind today, that in good and bad times, Christ is the answer. You don’t want to wait until you really need to get a prayer through to God to find out where you stand, because somebody’s life could depend on whether or not you had what it took to get through to God.

Thus, Christ had spent at least three years daily with twelve men who thought they knew him, and when trouble came-they backed up and reverted to their old way of thinking, which was the ways of the world; and for many believers when things get tight in our lives we have a tendency to revert to the way we used to do-to get things done. As I close, do you have a personal relationship with Christ…and if so, how close are you? Is your relationship up close and personal or is it at a distance? Are you so far off that you need binoculars to see Christ? If that’s the case get closer.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason