Being There During The Rough Times

(Matt 26:56) “But all this was done, that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled. Then all the disciples forsook him and fled.”

Jesus was about to be delivered into the hand of the religious leaders to be crucified. Thus, he was getting ready to face some of the most difficult hours of his ministry, and it was at that time that the scripture says “The disciples forsook him and fled”. As the ministry of Jesus got more difficult those in his inner circle began to disperse, they began to back away; they began to look for other things to do.

Saints of God if we are going to grow up in Christ, we must stand with our spiritual leaders when times get rough, because in ministry times will get rough. We can’t expect ministry to be easy when we are dealing with an enemy who desires to steal, kill and destroy our lives, and the work which the Lord has called us to. The measure of a believer is not what he/she does when times are easy, but how do you handle yourself when times are hard?

If you have a leader that loves God, one who lives upright before God, and one who seeks after the heart of God it would behoove you to stay with them during the rough times of ministry. Often the need is greatest between the pastor and his congregation when times get hard in the ministry. Although Jesus didn’t condemn the disciple’s for leaving, he did understand who was with him during his time of greatest need, and that was the Father.

Finally, though it was good to know that the Father was with him, it would have also been nice to know that the people who served with him for a few years would be there for him as well. Therefore, when times get rough in ministry, let’s be there to support one another because it says a lot about who we are in Christ.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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