Stuck At The Gate-Part 2

As Christians we see people every day stuck at the gate in their lives; we see people stuck at the front door of the house of God but the saints never invite them in. We see people who have a need for God but instead of us helping them to draw nigh to receive their change, instead of us helping them to draw nigh into the holy of holies we leave them stuck at the gate in the outer court, where there is no real power.

We have to encourage people to get up from the gate called beautiful (because if not, they will sit there and gaze at the gate for the rest of their lives); we have to encourage people to leave the place of familiarity and draw nigh unto the holy place. We who know our God must be willing to offer the true and living God to those we know are hurting so that their lives might be changed forever.

Never let it be said, that you walked by someone in need and never offered them the very thing that could change their lives forever. Because you could be the very one that the lame spiritually is waiting to pass by so that you can offer them Jesus who has the ability to move them from outside the gate of the temple to inside the house of God where change and continual growth can take place.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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