You Are Blessed-1

If you have received Christ as Lord and savior you are blessed. He said as much in His Beatitudes Message on the Sermon on the Mount”. He shares with the multitudes this new doctrine never heard before by the heart of man which changes the whole region during his time and still reverberates in the earth today. He begins by saying “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 5:3)”.

This is not about those who are physically poor, but it’s more about those who are spiritually poor or malnourished. Thus, these are they who recognize that their inner man is lacking the presence, power and anointing of God. Those who understand that they need healing and deliverance in their spirit and it only comes by way of the power of God; those who have acknowledged their sin and therefore their dependence upon God to save them. It is these believers that will receive the Kingdom of Heaven.

God Bless You


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