Belief Before Behavior

A healthy Christian lifestyle is the result of a healthy Christian belief system, not the other way around. For example, the Bible tells us to “stand against the wiles of the devil” (EPH 6:11). But how can we hope to stand against the devil if we don’t understand that God has already raised us up with Christ and seated us victoriously with Him in heavenly places (EPH 2:6)? How can we rejoice and be strong during trials (ROM 12:12) without the confidence of knowing we have been made right with God by faith and enjoy peace with Him through Christ (ROM 5:1)?

If what we believe about God is shaky, then our day-to-day behavior will be shaky. But when our belief system and our relationship with God are based on what He says is true, we’ll have very little trouble working out the practical aspects of daily Christianity. The fact is, as Christians we need to let God’s word be true and mans word be a lie. Child of God, don’t get caught believing the lie; don’t get caught up believing what the Devil says or what the world says about us.

We need to learn what God says and begin to believe, receive and walk in that which God has said. Otherwise, we will always be up and down or in and out in our Christian walk. Belief before behavior is important because if I believe God for real there will be consistency in my walk and relationship with Christ.

God Bless You


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