Perfection 2

Perfection in Christ was never about being faultless or flawless because God knew we were very flawed and full of faults that’s why He sent his son Jesus to die for us. However, perfection is about maturing in Christ; it’s about growing up in Him.

Those of us that are being perfected in Christ do not stay the same as we always were. We don’t continue to let the same sin plague us day after day and year after year. We find the power, grace and strength to overcome those sins that so easily beset us. Thus, if you are not overcoming some stuff you are probably not growing.

I liken our growth in Christ to our growth throughout our child hood. When were born we came into this world as an infant, but we didn’t remain an infant. We eventually became a toddler, then a preteen, a teenager, a young adult…etc. In other words, we didn’t remain the same and neither do we remain the same in Christ as we press for perfection. Jesus has perfection on his mind when he says “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect (Matt 5:48).”

God Bless You


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