Beware Of The Spirit Of Greed

Our society is set up to want more and more. If we have a car we want a newer one; if we have a house, we want a bigger house; if we have a television that still works with a good picture we want the latest version of the flat screen high definition television. It even seems the more money we make the more we spend. The spirit of greed has been loosed on our society and the body of Christ must be mindful of that and make every attempt not to allow the spirit of greed to overtake you. The fact is we seem to never have enough; when the truth is if we learn to become good stewards over the resources which God has given to us we won’t confuse the spirit of greed with the spirit of need.

(Pro 15:27) says “He that is greedy of gain troubles his own house: but he that hates gifts shall live.” Thus, the man/woman who feels they must have more and more brings trouble to their own house. The spirit of greed will cause you to buy stuff you don’t need-max out your credit cards and have you working two or three jobs just to keep up with the lifestyle. Hence, child of God if you are working that much you have little time for God and if you are married you have little to no time for each other; and if you can’t find time for God and your spouse, your relationships will soon begin to deteriorate, and I don’t care how much you tell yourself that everything is good in your house.

On the other hand, those who hate gifts are those who may see something they really want but because they can’t afford it will wait patiently for it and get it in God’s time to keep from being in bondage. Child of God we need to discern between the spirit of need and the spirit of greed, because the latter will put you so far in bondage that it literally takes you years to come out.

God Bless You


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