Mortify your members

The Apostle Paul says in Col. 3:5 “Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth: fornication,(having sex outside of marriage) uncleanness (moral uncleanness and filth), inordinate affection (all types of lust and sinful desires), evil concupiscence (a strong sexual desire often ending in lust-or an evil impulse), covetousness (greed), and idolatry (anything you put before God); as Christians we have to constantly mortify (kill these things that would try to control our members).

What are our members? Our members would be our hands-we have to watch the things we touch; our feet-we have to watch the places we go; our eyes –we have to monitor the things we see; our ears- we have to monitor who we allow to minister in our ears; and our mouth-we have to watch the things we say.
Every day we have to kill or die daily to something in us that’s not like God.

This is done through the word of God-prayer-praise-submission to Godly leadership, and obedience to the word of God. We have to let go of those spirit’s that we have gotten comfortable with in our past and present, because on any day that you are not trying to discipline or put to death (mortify) those spirit’s that are ungodly in you, those same spirit’s are trying to live in you and take authority.

God Bless You


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