Praise- Is My weapon of War-Part 1

Praise is our weapon of war and we need to become an expert at using it. For King David taught us that praise was our weapon of war throughout the scriptures but the one scripture that draws my attention is (Psalm 144:1) where he says “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

You see as Christians we have hands that are full of power and we need to learn to use those hands. When we raise our hands to the Lord it’s a declaration of war on the enemy that we have surrendered all to God; when we clap our hands for the Lord it’s a sign and sound of war; back in the day when momma taught me how to pray, she would make me put my hands together as if they were praying hands, it was a sign of war. As Christian we need to learn how to lay our hands on some stuff and speak the power of God over it, for even in our hands is the power of praise and praise is one of the ways we fight spiritually.

God Bless You

Pastor V Mason

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