Praise-Our Weapon of War-3

The Purpose of Praise: Praise sets the atmosphere so that we are able to hear from God. Praise causes God to draw close to us. It causes God to draw near, to the degree that He inhabits the praises of his people (acc. Psalm 22:3). Thus, if you want to find God, praise him, for he lives in your praise. He inhabits or abides in your praise. Therefore when we praise and worship him in spirit and in truth he can be found right in the midst of us because he gravitates toward true praise.

God understands that when we praise Him, we help ourselves by expanding our awareness of who he is. And when we really come to understand who He is; above and beyond what he has done for us it changes our whole attitude. It causes an inward quietness to come out as a roaring lion of praise. It causes an inward quietness to come out as a joyful noise unto the Lord. You see when you really have that joy of the Lord sometimes what’s on the inside must come out with a shout of praise unto God!!

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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