New Beginnings-Part 3

January 9, 2012

(Prov 22:7) “The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

The third area Christians should examine in the New Year is their financial health. Because debt is designed to bind; because debt puts us in a position of servant to those who lend to us, often times at ridiculous interest rates, we must pay attention to every dollar that comes into our lives. We must learn that if we are giving everything that we earn to a creditor we will always be in bondage to them and never experience financial freedom.

We must learn to be good stewards over the money that God has allowed us to have because it’s not God’s will that we be in debt to anyone. For He told us in (Rom 13:8) “To owe no man anything but to love one another: for he that loveth hath fulfilled the law.” In fact, too much debt will put us in a place of having to choose between our service to God and whether or not we are going to take that second or third job, and God would never put us in a position where we spend less time with him in order to fulfill our financial goals. In fact, he said “it is he that gives us power to get wealth” so it behooves all of us to seek God when it comes handling our finances.

Therefore, let us go back and examine what we done well and what we done not so well in 2011 and what we can improve upon in the New Year as it pertains to our financial health. Furthermore, let’s put something away in savings for a rainy day because rain will come. Also let’s pay attention to what we do owe the lender because though God does not want us in debt, when we have made a debt the Father expects us to pay it. Finally, be faithful and smart with every dollar, be open to tithing, giving, budgeting, saving and disciplining yourself and God will eventually bring you out. Getting out of debt is not an overnight process, it’s a journey to financial freedom, but it’s one worth taking, and it’s one the Church desperately needs to get the victory over.

God Bless You



New Beginning-Part 2

January 4, 2012

(1Tim 4:8) “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

The second area the Christian should examine in the New Year is their physical health. All of us could be in better health, but the truth is that we don’t take care of our temples (our bodies) the way we should. The apostle Paul told Timothy that bodily exercise does profit us. We know that it doesn’t profit the way spiritual exercise does because spiritual exercise profits on earth and in eternity; thus, spiritual exercise is unlimited. However, bodily exercise does profit on this side of the dirt. And those of us who don’t take our health seriously wind up spending more time dealing with issues that could have been avoided with an exercise program than we do exercising the works of the Lord.

Saints of God it’s nothing wrong with getting out and taking a walk or taking an aerobics class, or joining a gym, because getting our heart rate up on Monday will strengthen our praise on Sunday. We can’t keep eating in those buffet lines on Sunday and doing nothing the rest of the week to get the heart rate up.

Let’s examine our health while we are at this stage of the New Year because a part of being whole is also being as healthy as we can be so the enemy doesn’t have an advantage to attack us with Sugar, obesity and high blood pressure simply because we won’t take the time to get some exercise. This is not to say that everyone who has sugar, high blood pressure or who is obese doesn’t exercise, however, research has shown that a good exercise program coupled with backing away from the table a little can improve our health condition. Thus, let’s examine our health because bodily exercise does profit.

God Bless You


New Beginning Part -1

January 3, 2012

(2nd Cor 13:5) “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.

As Christians this is a good time to examine at least three areas in our lives. Those three areas are our Spiritual health, physical health and our financial health. We know that in the scriptures we are told to examine ourselves and a new year affords us an opportunity to do this thoroughly. Now an examination of these three areas may take you some time but if we are really going to do something for God we must take dominion over these areas of our lives.

Thus, the first area we may want to examine is our spiritual life. Every believer must examine their walk with God…hence it is important to look back at 2011 and see what our prayer life look like, what our personal bible study time look like, what did our attendance at church look like; did we really grow up spiritually or did we digress in our spiritual growth? In order to do this effectively we should have a paper trail of the times spent with God.

Thus, we should be able to figure out how many times we prayed, how many times we met with God during the times we have scheduled for reading and reflection. In fact, do we even have a scheduled time that we meet with God because if we don’t it already speaks volumes about our relationship with God. In examining our spiritual life it’s also important to ask those that are praying for us or those who live with us, such as a spouse can they see anything different in our lives from a spiritual standpoint. These examinations are not something that we get done quickly. It may take some time but we must pursue real change.

God Bless You