Addicted to the Service of God

Those who are addicted to the service of God will be those who have the opportunity to see real change in their lives. Those who are addicted to the service of God will see their homes, churches, communities and even their cities turn from sin and death to the power of God.

The truth is that anything you are addicted to you can’t seem to get enough of and most of us have been addicted to mostly what Satan has presented us with. However, those that are addicted to the service of the Lord have the ability to be different; to think, speak and act differently. We have the ability to see our lives from a very different perspective.

This addiction to the service of the Lord was so impressive to the Apostle Paul that he told the Church at Corinth that where they lacked in their labor unto him the House of Stephanas stepped in and supplied the need (1 Cor. 16:15). Thus, their service to the man of God in that day had a major impact on that region through the power of giving and service to the Lord. And that’s what true believers ought to desire today in their own communities, is to make a major impact for God. However, it takes some people that have addicted themselves to the service of the Lord.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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