The Faith of Abraham

In (Galations 3) it talks about those who are Abraham’s seed. Many of the Jews believed that because of their birth right they would receive the blessings that God had promised Abraham. However, only those (Jews and Gentiles) who had real faith in God would receive the blessings promised to Abraham. Thus, the true believer would be the spiritual sons and daughters of Abraham as they walked by faith. But the faith which Abraham had was a no limits faith. It was a faith that was willing to go all the way with God. It was a faith whereby Abraham was willing to obey no matter the cost, and he proved his faith in God when he was asked to sacrifice the very person he loved the most (Ref. Gen 22), however, thank God for grace.

In saying all of that, when we start talking about being the seed of Abraham through faith in Christ, to all the New Testament believers, are we willing to have the same level of faith that Abraham had? Are we willing to go all the way with God no matter the cost as he did? Or have we already decided that we are only going to go so far with God? Hence, if he asks us to do something, or give something or say something to someone on his behalf have we already decided that it’s too much and we just can’t do it? Listen before we decide that we have the faith of Abraham, (and really in the NT our faith should be greater) we must first figure out if we are willing to give up all to have Christ for real because real Christianity cost you something.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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