Follow The Pattern

In (Exo. 25-26), God gives Moses the blueprint or the pattern of how the tabernacle should be built. The Lord gives Moses the pattern down to the smallest of details, and if the pattern is not followed to the letter, God would not meet the priest there. Hence, his presence would not be there because the tabernacle must be built to God’s specifications.

As Christians the thing we can learn from this is we too must follow the pattern of God. This pattern must be duplicated down to the finest of details. This pattern which the Lord has created for us cannot be changed based on our feelings; it cannot be changed based on what we are going through today, neither can it be changed based on what carnal minded folk may think; thus, it is what it is and the standard can’t be manipulated.

The pattern (the model or the original) must be followed to the letter. Child of God, it won’t be the big sins that keep many people out of heaven (drinking, cussing, fornication) it will be those sins which many Christians believe to be small that will keep many out…such as that little white lie you told, or that little extra which you added to your income tax to increase your refund (when you know you didn’t carry those deductions) or that bitterness you have been holding in your heart against your brother/sister that you believe no one knows about. Child of God, we must be willing to obey God down to the smallest of details, crossing every (t) and dotting every (i) because that’s what God requires in order to get to heaven.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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