Know Your Place

As the Philistine army was bearing down on Israel, the fear and self will in the heart of the king caused him to operate in an office which he wasn’t called to. King Saul attempted to operate in the role of a priest unto God and totally disregarded the word from the Prophet Samuel. This was a disobedient act which essentially caused him to lose the kingdom. Further, God also told him he would raise up a man after his own heart. His lack of patience with God caused his eventual downfall. As Christians today the thing we can learn from King Saul is we must first know our place in the Kingdom of God.

It’s important that we know what God has called us to do, and not attempt to flow into another’s gift or calling. For us to attempt to operate in an office which God hasn’t called us to, is to cause us and those who would follow us to become a set-up for the devil. Not to mention, there are some sins we commit that even though we repent unto God, we still find ourselves paying the price for that sin years down the road; that’s what happened to Saul. His seed never had authority over the kingdom again.

Finally, we must be patient with God: King Saul became impatient and fearful as he waited on the return of the prophet Samuel. Thus, the King decided to do Samuel’s job for him. As Christians we want to be in the place where God can use us, and he can’t do that when we are out of place. Saints of God know your place, stay where God has called you to and allow God to settle the rest. (Ref. 1Sam 13:1-14)

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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