Excuses Will Cause Many to Miss God

In the parable of the great supper a certain man (Jesus) invites the Jews to a great supper, however, they reject his invitation because they had other things to do. Thus, this certain man compelled his servant to go out into the streets, lanes, highways and hedges and invite all who would come…the maimed, the halt, the poor and the blind. As they came and his house was filled, the master of the house (Jesus) said in (St. Luke 14:24) “For I say unto you, that none of those men which were bidden (invited) shall taste of my supper.”

What we can learn from this parable is that when Jesus makes the call upon our lives we should answer that call and not make excuses about why we can’t, because if we don’t answer the call God will call upon other’s to fulfill the call, because the work must be done. Never allow yourself to think that if God doesn’t use you he won’t get the work done because if God can use rocks to cry out, if he can cause a donkey to speak, surely he can invite someone else into the Kingdom to do the work that he was calling you to do.

In (St. Luke 14:24) above, the Lord made it clear that those who received invitations and did not show, even though they may have had a valid reason for not showing up, would not have this invite come their way again: meaning we can’t take God’s call upon our lives for granted. We can’t believe that if we don’t answer the call the first time that God will call or invite us a second time to a life changing event because he may not. We need to hear and obey the minute we hear God calling and if you are not sure that it’s him talk to your spiritual leaders.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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