Checking Sin At The Door

In the Church at Corinth there was some fornication going on in the body and Apostle Paul was upset that the sin had not been dealt with properly. It was as if it was okay for some in the body, but Apostle Paul was very upset with their lack of removing the leaven of sin from the body.

As Christians we must be diligent when it comes to dealing with sin. Whether we are dealing with it in our own lives or in the lives of someone in our sphere of influence, sin must be checked at the door and dealt with from God’s perspective. If you allow sin to go unchecked, whether in the church, family, or home, the leaven of sin (leaven being that which permeates all) will take over and you will find yourself in a church, family or home that’s run by Satan.

However, it’s not simply the removal of sin that resolves the problem, after removing the leaven of sin it must be infused with the leaven of Holiness. Thus, even as the leaven of sin fills all with wickedness, the Holiness of God fills all with His presence. Saints of God, don’t let sin rule and reign anywhere in your life, when you see it or if someone else has caused you to see it, deal with it, take dominion over it and walk in victory; because sin always lie’s at the door that’s why it must be checked at the door. As the gatekeepers of your home, family and churches you must be watchful for sin.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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