The Marriage Manual

Marriage can sometimes be tricky. It’s very often a delicate balancing act. In fact, it can become frustrating, especially when you don’t read the manual that comes with any marriage. The manual is the word of God. Too many people are getting married believing that they understand marriage, believing that every day is going to be like their honeymoon, not understanding that the honeymoon is the dessert in your marriage but eventually you are going to have to sit down and eat some meat and vegetables. In other words, you are going to have to chew on some stuff in your marriage that you don’t like.

Thus, if you are really going to understand your marriage; if you are going to understand what makes your spouse go; if you are really going to understand how to love your spouse; if you are really going to come to understand what to pray about concerning your marriage you must start with opening the manual so you can maximize each other’s potential and come to discover all the amenities that each of you have.

I liken it to buying a new video camera that you’ve never had before; you typically don’t just open the camera and start operating it without at least glancing at the manual to understand how to operate it, especially if it’s an expensive buy. You open the package and read the manual so you don’t damage or abuse the video camera. However, our marriages are much more expensive, they are much more important than a video camera but we rarely pickup the manual and ask God to show us how to interpret his word concerning our marriage so we can apply it in a way that brings us that love experience that Christ had for the church in the midst of our marriage.

But what often happens is we spend many years in our marriages abusing each other because if you don’t know how to operate the merchandise you abuse what you don’t understand. Saints of God, read the manual because if you ever experience the love that Christ had for the church in your marriage you will never ever be the same. However, it starts with understanding and applying the manual to the degree that it becomes a part of who you are.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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