When Fathers Fail To Obey God-3

The third thing we as fathers or men of God must learn is: We must obey the last thing God told us to do before he gives us any other instructions: Listen, there is no new or fresh word from God until we obey the last thing he told us to do. What kind of conversations do we expect God to have with us when we didn’t obey the last thing he told us to do? The fact is that when God saw that Eli wasn’t going to do exactly what he commanded him to do in sternly disciplining his sons he stopped talking to him and started talking to Samuel, and Samuel ministered unto Eli. And when we get to the place where we don’t want to hear and obey God’s word there will be a dearth of God’s revelatory word in our lives.

When God gives us a word, regardless of how difficult that word is to obey, he expects obedience, and anything less could bring about silence from God. Until we obey the last thing God told us to do, why would he give us something else to do? God is not the kind of God that says (Okay, you didn’t obey the last thing I told you to do so let me try something else.) Our obedience to God can never be buffet style…where we get to go through the line and pick out what we want to obey. That’s not the God we serve. He expects us to eat whatever he puts on our plate. And with God you will get to eat a full course meal before you get into his heaven. You will learn to eat the bitter and the sweet, the broccoli and the candied yams before you get into God’s heaven. Let’s obey all of what God requires because obeying the parts you like is just not good enough for God. Ref. (1Sam 3:1, 11-17)

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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