When Fathers Fail To Obey God-4

Finally, when fathers fail to obey God, sin enters into our camp (home), and the Ark of the Lord is soon to depart. In other words, the presence of the Lord will depart. And God is not a respecter of persons. You can be a prophet, priest, king, deacon, minister, bishop, or the super supreme bishop, if sin goes unchecked in your home the presence of God will depart; and with the departure of the presence of the Lord Ichabod comes to live in your house.

Ichabod meaning the glory of the Lord is departed. And if the glory of the Lord has departed then the enemy will be the one to take up residence where God no longer resides. And that’s essentially what happened to Israel; one man’s disobedience caused an enemy to move in called the philistines and God moved out…because God won’t reside where he is not welcomed. Hence, if sin is in the camp the message we send to God is He is not welcome.

Child of God, if we are ever going to be prophet, priest’s and Kings in the Church, we must be Prophet, Priest’s and Kings at home first. We must obey God no matter the price, because to not obey him is to cause his glory to depart and an enemy to move into our spiritual space. That enemy may not be called the philistines but he could be called no peace, no joy, divorce, no real relationship with kids, no real love in the home, confusion and no display of the true power of God in the family. Ref. (1 Sam 4:1, 10-11, 15-22)

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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