Prayer for the wisdom of God

(PRO.4:7) tells us “That wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting, get understanding.

The wisdom of God is one of the most important attributes that we could ever ask for, because where you find the wisdom of God, there you will also find understanding. To be able to apply the word of God to your life is the wisdom of God. In fact this wisdom was so important to King Solomon, that when he was asked by God “what is it that I shall give you”? King Solomon replied “give me now wisdom and knowledge”. You see if God was to ask us the same question He ask Solomon, many of us would say give me wealth, riches, comfort…etc., but what good are those things when you don’t have enough Godly wisdom to know how to handle such blessings…because the bible tells us that a fool and his money will soon depart. Therefore, Solomon’s request of God to give him wisdom, (application to apply Gods word effectively), God was now able to trust him with wealth, health, riches and honor. Some of us are asking God for the wrong things. In your prayer time, ask God for wisdom, that you might live the Christian life effectively, and in so doing, you too might begin to receive blessings from God that you never imagined

God Bless you

Pastor Versal Mason

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