Consider The Ant-(Pro. 6:6-8)

The ant is an insect that gathers their harvest during the time of plenty in order to survive during the time of lack. Thus, they put away or save their food for a rainy day because they know the rain is eventually coming. As Christians we can learn something from the habits of the ant community and that is to learn to save; learn to put something away for a rainy day because the rain typically falls in all of our lives. It’s hard to save anything when you are in season of lack, however, if you have a job for instance, you ought to be putting something away that’s only used during those times of lack, or for those rainy days such as a job loss or the washer and dryer needs to be replaced, or the refrigerator has seen its last days and you know you are going to have to buy a new one. However, buying a new one is not such a strain because you considered the ant and you put something away (cash) for the time of rain.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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