Fathers We Need You Pt-3

In part-2 of this series I ended talking about we need for the prophet, the priest and the king to arise in our fathers. Let’s begin by speaking briefly on the prophet that God desires to arise in the father. The prophet is one who (Represents God to his family). It’s as if the father is saying “Family meet my God”, for if our children are going to experience the true characteristics of their heavenly father, they will experience that in their fathers. Thus, the father would not only represent God in word, but in deed as well.

Finally, as the prophet arises in the father, the father will be one who speaks life over the wife and the children in the home. He will be one who not only prays for his family but with his family. He will be one who provides the prophetic vision, instruction and guidance in the home. He will be one who is so sensitive to the flow of God for his family that he is already praying and talking to his family about things God is showing him now that could affect their future. Thus, the prophet in the father doesn’t spend lot of time praying about the here and now; he is trying to get ahead of the devil to see things that could happen in the future and prepare his family for those things that could come.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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