Biblical Commands For Wives

Every wife must learn how to submit to their own husband. Submission seems to be very old fashion in the world in which we live in today; however, if you are living in the Kingdom of God, submission is required of the wife if Godly success is what you desire for your marriage. Submission is not surrender. It’s voluntarily and willingly bringing yourself under the authority of your husband because God requires it and for order in the home. For a wife to submit herself to her own husband is to submit yourself unto the Lord. Thus, when the wife submits she brings a power into her home that she wouldn’t have otherwise and there is always a blessing at the end of your obedience to God. Any husband that recognizes submission by his wife is never to take this gift of submission for granted but he should cherish it because his wife has put the marriage in a position to thrive when he understands what he has.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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