The Essence Of Worship-2

Worship: What is it? Worship comes from the English word (worth-ship) it is recognition of and a response to the worth of God in our lives. In other words, anyone in your life that you value or find worthy, you usually do something to demonstrate their worth in your life. Hence, because a Christian values their relationship with God they typically demonstrate that through a consistent prayer life, through obedience to God’s word, and a consistent study of God’s word. In fact, they don’t simply make time for God; they plan their day around their time with God. I liken the worship of God to a husband and wife that’s in love with each other; because when you love your spouse you demonstrate that in various ways, from a night out on the town, or a bouquet of flowers or even something as simple as a phone call to say “I love you”…it is a form of worship and every husband or wife must eventually worship at the altar of their spouse if they plan to have a marriage that is worthy of the glory of God… because at the end of the day our marriage is a reflection of Christ’s relationship with the Church. Thus, when a husband loves his wife as Christ has loved the Church and a wife submits herself to her own husband as unto the Lord, it is a form of worship unto God and you invite a power into your marriage that you would not have otherwise.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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