Who Are You

April 6, 2016

That’s really the question God was asking Israel when he said in (Hosea 7:8) “Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned.” Ephraim (Israel) didn’t know who they wanted to worship, whether God or idols. They had a mixture of idolatry and the worship of Jehovah and that’s never pleasing to God. Thus, they were a cake not turned and a cake not turned is good for nothing. It is not edible because it’s burned on one side and doughy on the other side, therefore it needs to be thrown out. And the truth is, many so called Christians are that way, they don’t know who they serve; some days they want to serve Jehovah and other days they want to serve idols, including themselves. Who are you? Are you a cake not turned or are you the real deal, because if you are the real deal, at least two will have to agree, God in heaven and Satan in hell, because Satan won’t have a real Christian in hell and God can’t do nothing but accept a real one in heaven.

Pastor Versal Mason