Mind Of Christ-Part 3

Apostle Paul continues on this theme of the mind of Christ and the thought pattern Christians should have if they desire to have this mind. He says in the last half of (Phil 4:8) that we should think on things that are lovely and of a good report. Lovely being that which is beautiful, lovable or the object of our affection; and the thing that should be every believer’s object of affection is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ should be that for which we hunger for the most because it does provide us with a good report.

Hence, this good report teaches us how to live holy, how to treat our fellowman, how to raise our children, how to handle our finances and certainly how to love and interact with our spouse. And the body of Christ certainly needs to learn how to treat each other better in the confines of marriage because the track record so far hasn’t been good. To think on those things that are lovely and of a good report is part of the process to forming the mind of Christ because without thinking on these things having a spiritual mind is a far off. Following these characteristics are guidelines to see if your thoughts line up with God thoughts.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

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