When Fathers Fail To Obey God-4

September 28, 2012

Finally, when fathers fail to obey God, sin enters into our camp (home), and the Ark of the Lord is soon to depart. In other words, the presence of the Lord will depart. And God is not a respecter of persons. You can be a prophet, priest, king, deacon, minister, bishop, or the super supreme bishop, if sin goes unchecked in your home the presence of God will depart; and with the departure of the presence of the Lord Ichabod comes to live in your house.

Ichabod meaning the glory of the Lord is departed. And if the glory of the Lord has departed then the enemy will be the one to take up residence where God no longer resides. And that’s essentially what happened to Israel; one man’s disobedience caused an enemy to move in called the philistines and God moved out…because God won’t reside where he is not welcomed. Hence, if sin is in the camp the message we send to God is He is not welcome.

Child of God, if we are ever going to be prophet, priest’s and Kings in the Church, we must be Prophet, Priest’s and Kings at home first. We must obey God no matter the price, because to not obey him is to cause his glory to depart and an enemy to move into our spiritual space. That enemy may not be called the philistines but he could be called no peace, no joy, divorce, no real relationship with kids, no real love in the home, confusion and no display of the true power of God in the family. Ref. (1 Sam 4:1, 10-11, 15-22)

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

When Fathers Fail To Obey God-3

September 27, 2012

The third thing we as fathers or men of God must learn is: We must obey the last thing God told us to do before he gives us any other instructions: Listen, there is no new or fresh word from God until we obey the last thing he told us to do. What kind of conversations do we expect God to have with us when we didn’t obey the last thing he told us to do? The fact is that when God saw that Eli wasn’t going to do exactly what he commanded him to do in sternly disciplining his sons he stopped talking to him and started talking to Samuel, and Samuel ministered unto Eli. And when we get to the place where we don’t want to hear and obey God’s word there will be a dearth of God’s revelatory word in our lives.

When God gives us a word, regardless of how difficult that word is to obey, he expects obedience, and anything less could bring about silence from God. Until we obey the last thing God told us to do, why would he give us something else to do? God is not the kind of God that says (Okay, you didn’t obey the last thing I told you to do so let me try something else.) Our obedience to God can never be buffet style…where we get to go through the line and pick out what we want to obey. That’s not the God we serve. He expects us to eat whatever he puts on our plate. And with God you will get to eat a full course meal before you get into his heaven. You will learn to eat the bitter and the sweet, the broccoli and the candied yams before you get into God’s heaven. Let’s obey all of what God requires because obeying the parts you like is just not good enough for God. Ref. (1Sam 3:1, 11-17)

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

When Father’s Fail To Obey God-2

September 26, 2012

The second thing we learn when fathers fail to obey God is, there is always a price to pay for disobedience: when we as men of God don’t obey there is always a price to pay for sin and disobedience. And sin takes you further than you want to go, cost you more than you want to pay and keeps you longer than you ever planned to stay. What (1Sam.2:30-36) shows us is that the priesthood will be stripped from the lineage of Eli forever and given to another lineage.

God was so through with Eli that he told him “that he wouldn’t even have an old man in his house forever.” In other words, young men wouldn’t live to see old age in Eli’s family because the wrath of God would come upon the family line. If young men don’t have the aged or older generation to talk to, if they don’t have the older generation in their family line to gain true wisdom from, how will they ever know who they really are? How will they really receive sound wisdom and the instruction of raising boys to true men of God? How will they understand manhood themselves?

Take away the old and that becomes a problem for the young generation, and no matter how hard momma tries she will never be able to teach a boy how to become a man because young men gain their identity from their fathers. And sometimes that identity can be good and sometimes it can be bad, but until they come to know who they truly are in God’s eyes they will always be looking to the father or some other male figure in their lives to identify with, even though mommy has always been there.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason

When Father’s Fail To Obey God-Part 1

September 25, 2012

In (1 Samuel Chapters 2-4) we see what happens in a father, son relationship when God’s men fail to obey him. The crux of the matter was God expected Eli who was a father and a priest to severely discipline his sons because they were sinful and wicked priest, but Eli didn’t go nearly far enough in dealing with the sins of his sons. He did not obey God fully. Thus, we see (2nd Samuel 2:29KJV) saying “Wherefore kick ye at my offering which I have commanded in my sons habitation; and honorest thy sons above me, to make yourselves fat with the chiefest of all the offerings of Israel my people.

With that said, there are least four things we can learn when fathers fail to obey God. The first thing we can learn is: True men of God must put God’s will above their own: you see it wasn’t good enough for Eli simply to speak to his sons about their wrong doing, but it was even more important that he do what God expected him to do and that was remove his wicked sons from the priesthood because it was destroying the people and representing God in a very bad light. But yet he honored his sons and allowed them to continue to receive the blessings of the ministry even though they were in willful sin and disobedience.

Thus, the message that Eli was sending to God was that his kid’s happiness was more important than obeying God and men of God should be more concerned with being in right standing with God than to be sure that our kids are happy. There is nothing wrong with our kids being happy but not at the expense of jeopardizing our relationship with God.

We have to decide are we going to be fathers first or men of God first because if we are men of God first it will set everything else in order. We have to instruct and guide our children based upon how God would have us to lead with them. We have to let God show us how to parent. We have to let God show us how to raise our kids because if we do that it sets everything else in order. Eli was more worried about his kid’s happiness than he was with what God thought. Let’s be sure that as we are in this process of raising sons and daughters to be future husbands and wives, that in the raising of our kids we are putting God’s will above our own because if not it will cost you eventually.

God Bless You

Pastor Versal Mason